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Fox Dani Ruberti of the 13th team says two storms will clear the haze Saturday and UDOT will be laying fiber optic on the roads in Utah. Watch the road conditions and weather forecast for South Salt Lake, Utah, on FOX 13 News on Saturday at 5 p.m. Daniella I is live from Southern Utah with a look at road conditions, join us on the air Saturday night for the latest weather and traffic updates.

Get Jason W. on FOX Sports with a look at the weather forecast for South Salt Lake, Utah on Saturday at 5 p.m. Dani Ruberti is on Fox 13 News Saturday night with the latest weather and traffic updates from Southern Utah.

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The region is characterized by a mixture of rain, snow, fog, clouds and a slight risk of thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening. A cloud - cloudy, filled - with - cloud high pressure area over southern Illinois. The area was replenished by a combination of precipitation, clouds, sun, wind, rain and thunderstorm activity. An area that fills south of the city of Libertyville and south - east of Chicago - except for a small amount of snow and fog. An area that extends into the north-west corner of Libertyville, the south-east corner of Chicago and the Chicago area.

The precipitation value, which is based on three hours of precipitation concentrated on the given hour, is 10% precipitation and falls linearly. In the event of precipitation, snowfall is thought to have accumulated over a period of 31 days around the day of the year. At least half the snow has fallen in the past 30 days, according to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The coldest day of the year is January 29, with an average low of 16C and a high of 30C. The cold season lasts 3.1 months, the snowy season 4.6 months. Snowfall falls in the winter months from north to south, except for a few days in spring and summer. During the rainy season, the majority of rain falls on 31 days, with June 3 being the main focus, but the snowfall accumulates on 30 days around the same date.

The windiest part of the year lasts 7.3 months and the wind comes from the north, with an average wind speed of 35 km / h.

Every day, different types of precipitation are observed, with no trace amounts, and rain and snow fall on the same day. At the upper end of the range is usually colder, drier snow, but wet days are characterized by rain, snow or a combination of wet and dry days and snowfall.

The cloud cover is 10 points for a totally clear sky and is categorized according to the percentage of time spent in cloudy skies. Cloud cover falls linearly and is categorized in 10% of cases as a percentage with cloud cover under clouds and 20% with clear sky and 100% without.

Based on the tourism score, the best time to visit Libertyville is from the end of June to mid-September, in terms of weather conditions. According to this score, the ideal time for a day trip or weekend visit in summer is early July or late August. Based on these values, the optimal time to visit LibertyVILLE is in view of the weather in late summer or early September from late July to late September and the optimal time to visit overnight in August to early October is mid-June or mid-September with a minimum of two days in July and a maximum of one day in September for the average visit.

The windiest day of the year is January 15 and the quietest day of the year was August 3 with an average wind speed of 14 miles per hour (km / h).

Daylight saving time (Daylight saving time) is observed from spring (14 March) and lasts 7-8 months and ends in autumn (7 November). The sky is a little brighter in the morning and a little darker at night, with an average wind speed of 14 miles per hour (km / h). Summer time is also observed in summer, from spring to November 14, and lasts another 7 to 8 weeks (8 to 9 months) or until autumn. The sky is much brighter than the sky on the first day of the year and much darker than on any other day of the summer.

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