Museum in suburban Chicago to host Alex Ross comic-book art

Published 01-25-2019

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LIBERTYVILLE, Ill. (AP) - The work of a legendary comic book artist will be on display this year at a suburban Chicago museum.

The Dunn Museum in Libertyville will open "Marvelocity: The Art of Alex Ross" March 9. It will run through Sept. 9.

Ross is called "the Norman Rockwell" of comics. He has created some of the more iconic images known to fans today. For nearly three decades he has turned characters such as Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, the Avengers and others into works of fine art.

Andrew Osborne is superintendent of educational facilities of the Lake County Forest Preserve, which maintains the museum. He says the current popularity of Marvel comics and the release of the "Marvelocity" book make it an ideal time to feature Ross' work.

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